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Words for Amy by JuanOsborne Words for Amy by JuanOsborne
It was a sad lost of a talented yougn woman. For this illustration I took more than 4.000 comments people left after dead of Amy Winehouse in

Donwload vector base pdf file: JO-D-110816-Amy01

Also here you have the wallpaper files, in different resolutions: 640480 800600 1024768 1152864 1280800 12801024 1366768 1440900 16001200 16801050 18561392 19201080 19201440 20481536

Most commonly used words: sad (1047),amy (986),talent (804),drugs (706),addiction (624),one (515),peace (498),just (473),people (469),rip (461),life (450),like (380),family (376),hope (337),music (332),now (330),loved (325),can (320),died (317),many (312),know (300),time (296),rest (288),get (284),winehouse (279),young (277),go (272),surprised (260),live (253),think (247),death (243),really (242),much (239),great (237),make (235),way (227),friends (222),say (219),years (219),see (217),may (215),voice (205),never (199),soul (197),coming (194),help (193),waste (193),find (181),another (175),tragic (173),person (170),rehab (168),someone (167),good (166),take (166),well (165),sorry (162),feel (160),try (159),want (154),even (150),fans (150),joplin (147),still (147),alcohol (146),always (145),back (144),said (142),happen (141),shame (140),thing (139),missed (138),artist (135),bad (133)

If you want the most used two (relevant) words combo: rest in peace (227),rip amy (204),amy winehouse (170),find peace (82),janis joplin (81),family and friends (74),drug addiction (71),great talent (70),jim morrison (61),peace amy (53),kurt cobain (52),peace now (48),jimi hendrix (46),drugs and alcohol (43),may she rest (43),loved ones (40),back to black (37),young woman (37),waste of talent (36),go to rehab (35),years ago (35),god bless (33),died at age (30),drug use (30),many people (30),much talent (30),brian jones (29),found peace (28),long time (28),may you find (27),saw this coming (27),see this coming (27),die young (26),family member (26),loved her music (26),sad news (26),hope she finds (25),incredible talent (25),well said (25),get help (24)

Also counting three words: may she rest in peace (42),rest in peace amy (42),may you find peace (23),hope she finds the peace (18),make me go to rehab (17),rip amy winehouse (17),tried to make me go (15),talented young woman (14),heart goes out to her family (13),love is a losing game (13),finally find the peace (12),just a matter of time (12),hope she has found peace (11),hope she is at peace now (11),drug and alcohol addiction (10),finally found peace (9),find peace now (9),now amy winehouse (9),go to rehab but she said (8),may her soul rest (8),rest in peace now (8),waste of a great talent (8),alcohol and drug addiction (7),drug and alcohol abuse (7),family and loved ones (7),hit rock bottom (7),hope she has finally found (7),hope she is finally at peace (7),may god bless (7),musicians dying at age (7),another great talent (6)
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wellgraphic Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Oh my god, such a creation!
JuanOsborne Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
Tenebrian Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Beautiful. I just wish I had the patience to try something like this. How long did it take?
JuanOsborne Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011
Thank you Tenebrian.

I have my own tools that help me in the spread process... It takes time but I can do it pretty quick!.
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