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2012 Matrix Calendar by JuanOsborne 2012 Matrix Calendar by JuanOsborne
Itís a calendar based in Matrix effect. I did it using the nice Matrix Code NFI and Miltown2 fonts. I know it looks a little bit crazy, but believe me itís a fully working calendar.

You only need to know two basic rules: each column represents a month and each week look like a colour gradient, starting on Monday (the darker). Despite of the characters, they all are random. Each week also has itís own alpha level, it helps reading and also mimic the Matrix effect.

I was developing code for my ďCrisis CalendarĒ (the simplest calendar ever) when I noticed that my draft files were really close to something similar to the unforgettable Matrix code screen . I spend a little time adapting it so Iím not sure if I will have time enough to finish my other calendar ideas before the end of year.
fantasy-or-reality Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry could you explain how the calendar works a bit more? :D
JuanOsborne Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
Yeas!, it's not too hard... if you know the key to read it.

Month are columns, the first one January, the second February, etc... for the day number you have to count from the top.

The chars are pure random but each week are show as a decreasing colours. So it's pretty easy to detect weeks as the nice matrix decreasing colour pattern and understand witch day of the week. The week start on Monday!

Yes, it looks not easy, as I said I was not trying to make it easy to read. But think of it as puzzle game :-)
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